Stories of Compassion in Greater Toledo

This section is intended to collect stories of everyday compassion, acts of kindness.  Please contribute your story - an act of kindness directed towards you or that you saw directed towards someone.

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Local Compassionate Response to the Sandy Hurricane Disaster

·       Steve North and Lifeline [one of our Heroes of Compassion] took a team representing New Harvest, LifeLine, the ECC and Toledo to New York.  They drove 1700+ miles and handled, moved and delivered 22 tons of water, 7.5 tons of food and 5.5 tons of clothing and hygiene products. Their nurse helped somewhere around 60 patients, several with pneumonia. Locals trying to help their city were supported and helped. Cookout block parties brought a small feeling of normalcy to people who have had nothing but crisis for 12 days.

·       First Unitarian Church of Toledo raised over $2000 dollars for the CERG [Central East Regional Group] UU Disaster Relief Fund to assist fellow Unitarian Universalists with storm damage clean up and members' immediate needs and in the rebuilding efforts.

·       On Saturday, November 10, another 8,700 pounds of relief supplies were delivered from ISOH/IMPACT to victims of Superstorm Sandy in NY. From the Kids Against Hunger meals to the blankets, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and other relief products, all are being received with gratefulness and appreciation.  On November 15, ISOH/IMPACT sent 5 tons of assorted relief supplies to Holden, WV, an impoverished area left without power for days from the snowstorm in the wake of Sandy.  The following day, they sent 10 tons of supplies to a distribution center in Jamaica, NY. The MultiFaith Council sent $200 to ISOH-IMPACT and an additional $200 from individual donations and from First Church of Christ, Scientist.

·       Valerie Virag, local coordinator for the American Cultural Exchange Service, is taking a group of 26 exchange students to Staten Island to help with clean up from Sandy.

Maggie 9/25/2011 12:30:11 AM A kind stranger...

Several years ago when I was in college, I was having a very hard day. I already had one car taken to the mechanic that day and it was still sitting there when I was on my way back to Bowling Green in my Mom's car. On the way, I hit a metal thing in the middle of the road that ended up puncturing the gas tank. I pulled over and was immediately devastated that I had messed up my Mom's car. As I was crying and on the phone with my Mom, a women pulled over asking if I needed help. She was obviously from the area and was able to help me call and get help from the local police and fire station. While we waited for the authorities (I was still crying) she gave a check for a hundred dollars. I felt guilty that I had cried so much but so grateful that she had helped me. As a full time college student with my own apartment and working 30 hours a week, I couldn't afford to fix one car, let alone two! I never forgot this wonderful women who helped me out several years ago. I would like to let her know that I have paid it forward to other people with car problems.

Charles Awls 8/10/2011 11:03:08 PM Story of Compassion

Hello, My name is Pastor Charles Awls with TESTED FAITH MINISTRIES. We are a local church that focuses on outreach ministry, our mission is to heal the natural man so we can speak to the spiritual man. The neighbors we have tell varying stories of failing or struggling to make ends meet. We believe that if a man, woman or child is hungry and lacking in their physical, they cannot hear what we are saying spiritually. We are looking to do the most we can do to reach the community. We believe that there are some things we are doing to help make a differce but there is so much more to do and cannot do it alone. We are connected with local organizations such as Feed Lucas County Children, the Friendly Center, Community in Action and Peace Partners to name a few. We sponsor Back to School Giveaways and Food giveaways at Christmas and Thanksgiving. We believe that a partnership with you would be a great asset to our community at large. Thanks, we look forward to meeting and working with you in the future.

Horace Huse October 05, 2011 10:42 PM A Man of Compassion in Toledo

At Swan Creek Retirement Village lives a man who is a former judge and mayor of Toledo. I have come to know him and his wife since my wife and I moved here a year and a half ago. John Potter is a walking encyclopedia of jokes, and just loves to regale anyone who will listen with one witticism after another, which might make one think he has no serious bone in his body. But one evening at his table with his beloved wife Phyllis at his side throws an entirely different light on this man's nature. Unfortunately, she is a victim of Alzheimer's Disease and wheelchair dependent, and no longer able to join in the table conversation as she once did. Nevertheless, her husband thoughtfully and patiently assists her in ordering her meal, encouraging her to eat her food, and assisting her as needed, and makes sure she is included in the conversation as much as possible. More than that, he faithfully helps her get dressed each morning, choosing the clothing that makes her look nice, and sees that she is tucked in at night. He wheels her back and forth from her special care unit to the dining room every day she is up to it, and over to his apartment for family visits, occasional parties, and visits with other Swan Creek residents. He lavishes tender loving care on her in public and I presume in private as well. Here is one man who knows his way around the block in the professional and political world of Toledo, who in his private life is the epitome of compassion and an example to the rest of us.

Devorah December 5, 2011 Intrafaith Blood Drive
Yesterday, members of the Interfaith Blood Drive volunteered to donate blood & volunteer their time to an annual Intrafaith blood drive amongst the three shuls in Toledo Ohio . Many people in the community saw the signs & came in to save lives. A spirit of cooperation & compassion permeated the Temple . The American Red Cross set a goal to obtain a certain amount of blood. I am pleased to tell you that the goal was achieved. This is one example of how our diverse Toledo community works together, cooperates & has compassion for others by working together to save lives. Shalom, Devorah