Compassion Games 2018 Results

Global Unity Games - Building Bridges - Sept. 8 - 23

Over sixty groups signed up to be a part of our team. Some groups reported more than one game. Some of our former big events had dates outside the Games window this year.  We had fewer volunteers, but almost as many volunteer hours.  People served estimate is more accurate as only Clean Your Streams and Metro Parks were counted as serving the entire county.  Money collected is up this year.  Congratulations to all players.  You are WINNERS!

# Volunteers # Volunteer Hours People Served* $ Collected, if any
5,917 49,181 1,340,132 $179,685

You may look at our postings on the Compassion Map. Zoom (click) in to Toledo and you will see the reports.

Collage of Many of our 2018 Events

Compassion Games 2017 Results

# Volunteers

# Volunteer Hours

People Served*

$ Collected, if any





* Some games served the region, so this number is estimated.

Global Unity Games - Building Bridges - Sept. 9 - 24

Our 2017 Games

Greater Toledo Compassion Games 2016: Volunteers - 7,966
Volunteer Hours - 26,699
People Served - 18,897 (some organizations served entire county which is 500,000 people - 466,000 last census)

Of 91 global teams we were 1st in number of volunteers, 2nd in number of volunteer hours, 11th in number of people served and 7th ($70,415) of the 20 groups that raised money.

2016 Registered Games

Area Office on Aging
Arms Forces
Aspiring Hands
Baha'i Faith Community
Blessed Sacrament
Bob Moyers - Happiness Plan, Forgiveness
Boy Scouts
Boys and Girls Club
Cedar Creek
Children’s Rights Collaborative
Christ the King
Claver House
Corpus Christi University Parish
Double Arc
Family House
Food for Thought
Friendly Center
Habitat for humanity
Heartbeat of Toledo
Islamic Center
Jewish Family Services
Mercy College
Metro Parks
MFC Women
Mobile meals
Monroe Street United Methodist
Mustard Seed
Ovarian Cancer Walk
Partners for Clean Streams
Pax Christi
Principle Business Enterprises
Read for literacy
Seagate Food bank
Senior Independence Hospice
St Paul’s Community Center
Sylvania UCC
Toledo Grows
Toledo Rotary
Tree Toledo
Trinity Episcopal
UT Campus Ministry
Voter Registration

Kickoff - September 11, Harvest Festival at Unity United Methodist Church

Conclusion - September 21 Peace Day, Hindu Temple of Toledo

Peace Day Celebration at Hindu Temple of Toledo (4336, King Road, Sylvania)
7:00 pm: Guest arrival and welcome activities
7:20 pm: Dedication of Peace Pole and Peace Prayers (Outside the Temple)
7:30 pm: Welcome note and Invocation
7:50 pm: Lighting of Peace Lamp
8.00 pm: Peace dance (Choreographed by Poonam Saini)
8. 10 pm: presentation ‘Peace for Happiness “By Om P Sharma
8:30 pm: Vote of Thanks, Light Snacks and Book Signing
Event coordinator: Dr. Om Sharma


We are winners!  65 games reported; Volunteers/Players - 8,553; Hours Served - 30,623; People Served - 957,625; Money Raised - $36,070.57

Local Leaderboard is available at; Poster of local games at

Thanks for playing so well! Global results will be available at by Oct. 5


More Games Photos here.                  Peace Day /Harvest Festival Photos here.

Last Year's Results:

6,707 Volunteers; 27,423.25 Volunteer Hours; 84,568 People Served; $49,280 Dollars Collected

Best of all – EVERYBODY WINS!!

“Keep feeling the need to be first. But I want you to be first in Love. I want you to be first in moral excellence. I want you to be first in generosity.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.